Small Stones

In our placement preparatory course last week we were asked why we pursued International Development. There are many things I would seriously enjoy pursuing. I have considered being an interior decorator, culinary artist, stay-at-home…woman (that still sounds alright), but as my blog name states I am part of the 100%.


It is difficult for me to dedicate my life to deciding whether the wall should be periwinkle or lavender when a fellow globe mate doesn’t even have clean drinking water. I believe pursuits such as interior decorating and culinary art definitely have their place; we are all called to play a different role within the 100%. Mine, I believe is a development worker …who rolls sushi and restores antique dressers on weekends.

This may seem hypocritical since in my last two posts I talked about remaining hopeful in the field of development, but I don’t think poverty will ever cease to exist. Inequality has been felt from the dawn of humanity and likely every moment in between until now but I will still pursue development work. Even if I don’t cure the world of poverty…

“The [hu]man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” -Confucius

…I can do that. I can carry away small stones. And this is why I am in International Development.


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