Surf the Web to Surf Better Waves

I don’t have a personal bucket list (I have a shared one) but something that I will do one day is surf. There is something about a large expanse of water, sun and my quieted mind that appeals to me more than even John Legend’s voice. Through research and friends’ trips, I have learned that Indonesia is a good place to catch some great waves.

Unfortunately the water bodies surrounding Indonesia have accumulated large, unhealthy deposits of garbage mostly within the last few years. The country is a tiny gathering of islands in between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. This allows garbage to flow in from several different continents. Critics argue, however that the largest contribution to this issue is within Indonesia.

Over 800 textile factories have been set up in Indonesia within the last 30 years. Environmental regulations are minimal and most politicians addressed about the issue claim they are not the authority on the matter and put responsibility on someone else. Education on pollution is also failing to inform citizens of the importance of environmental stewardship.


Sonny Perrussel, a young surfer from Bali is disgusted by what his backyard has become. After reluctant debating with Bali’s governor Pastika, the province will ban the use and selling of plastic bags provided that Perrussel gets 1 000 000 signatures on a petition. Although plastic bags are just a part of this problem, banning them would decrease waste going out and serve as an educational tool for anyone that presently uses plastic bags….so, all of Bali.

Thanks to technology you don’t have to be a resident of Bali (although that might be alright) to sign this petition. I just signed it and they are slightly over 50 000 signatures. All it takes is your email. Be a part of this act that will better another part of the 100%. Seriously, though, it takes 26.2 seconds of your time and has the potential to improve the lives of an entire province. What are you waiting for? Go sign the petition already!



  1. I actually just got back from Bali last week (and actually got to try surfing!). I definitely noticed the amount of plastic garbage that was there. In the ocean, plastic bags would go floating by as we were swimming.
    This is a great initiative and I hope they’re able to get enough signatures to ban plastic bags in Bali! I would love it if everywhere is able to ban plastic bags.


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