Kiss You Kishu

Do you drink water?

Do you use a filter of any sort to ensure you are getting the purest taste of hydration?

Have you heard of Kishu? (no, I’m not talking about the dog)

It is a science that has been used in Japan for thousands of years. Kishu is a piece of charcoal, essentially, that purifies your water.

A piece of wood is slowly heated in a kiln extracting the oxygen until is becomes carbonized. Once placed in water the carbon immediately bonds with the toxins typically found in tap water while releasing beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium. It effectively reduces harmful minerals such as lead, mercury, copper and cadmium as well as chlorine. Because the toxins and carbon bond at the molecular level, you do not need to worry about the toxins being released into the water a second time.

Maintenance requires boiling the stick for ten minutes once a month to keep its pores open. It comes in three different sizes appropriate for water bottles, pitchers and 3-5 gallon jugs. The filtering life of a stick is four months. After which it can be used to absorb offensive smells in your refrigerator, absorb water at the bottom of a flowerpot or in your garden soil.

The charcoal does not decompose, but unlike many plastic filters, it is not environmentally harmful nor is its packaging. Prices start at $9.00 and if you buy one before Valentines Day using the “Kiss You Kishu” promo code you get 25% off!

I think this is a great natural way to purify the processed water of developing countries. It does not address the  issue of pathogen-infested waters that cause water-borne illnesses prevalent in developing countries, however. Maybe the Kishu charcoal stick is the prelude to a solution for that.

Would you use the Kishu charcoal stick?



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