A Super Goal

This past weekend was the Super Bowl. My apathy towards football may present a bias, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the words Super Bowl is “how can you justify spending $133 000 per second of advertising when this is happening just a plane ticket away?” The event has been know to raise heart rates, sometimes to the point of cardiac arrest (not just because of all those wings and beer) and the advertisements usually upstage the game itself.

I understand it is a cultural event and cannot counter that, but:

  • Some of the ads are so distasteful I am not sure if I actually just watched that
  • A cardiac arrest over a football games requires some re-prioritization
  • $133 000 could buy a lot of people safe drinking water

The Super Bowl holds a colossal audience every year. This means a great potential to influence. Instead of mindless ads and feeding a society that just craves entertainment, what if it would be used as a platform to raise awareness on issues that are worth the passion that is already within each Super Bowl fan? As Martin Luther King Jr. believed “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. What do you think? Is my hopeless idealist showing a little too much?



  1. Very well written, also wondering how they can justify spending that amount in commercials full well knowing all the other needs around the world.why don’t they do anything about the human trafficing going on at the super bowl as well? Sorry kind of getting off on a bunny trail.


  2. I LOVE THIS! ( yes, I am reading up on everything I’ve missed)…. I often think similar things – but then we know this 🙂 Keep it up girl!


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